Saturday, July 07, 2007


Today is the day I used to be waiting for!!!!!! And it came sooner than I thought, it is sometimes so scary the speed by which years pass!!

Am here now only to mark this day, to post it and highlight it..


My “not so safe things to-do list" is pretty long, and the items are randomly listed. I had one particular, high-adrenaline-releasing thing in mind to do on 07/07/07 but a slight shift in the list did take place and today is still to be marked for me :)

Many people all over the world planned to do something special on this “LUCKY” day.. Numerology is not my concern now.. 07/07/07 is as special as 07/08/09 and even as the unsystematic 05/01/08 or any other day, for not a single day passed would ever be lived again.. So making every day count is truly a blessing and an occasion to celebrate!!!

To all those who got married or engaged, to all those who celebrated any kind of occasion or did anything crazy on this day and to all those who cared less or not at all!!.. Have a wonderful and a unique day every single day…


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