Saturday, March 01, 2008


Being lost is something I somehow manage to always end up doing.. it is that sense of direction or orientation which, for some reason or another ,I don’t seem to have the gene for.. sometimes, it is scary and others just funny.. GPS is not my thing, I still love to print out my directions and occasionally forget the reverse ones.. and also occasionally really feel the victory and joy of finding my way back home..

The first thing I would do traveling is getting a map!! and that was exactly what I did last Christmas in Paris, it is the one place where losing one’s way is definitely not by any means regrettable.. that magical city, may be ironically called the “City of Lights”, has its own way of making you get lost and making you enjoy getting lost.. it is the way it welcomes you and allows you to see and discover its wonders and at the end, fall in love with it.. it is a game one would want to play one more time again and again.. or thats how i like to see it :)

Now, with the fourth season airing, that amazingly played, well written, astonishingly exciting and wonderfully filmed, the television drama series, LOST , makes me really wAnder how many people out there are lost, and pretend not to!!.. and why do we, from the first place, get lost??!! And where exactly do our compasses fail?

In one particular episode though, some made sense to me.. we run in and through a lot of random variables and for stability, we need something known and constant to either go back to or, from time to time ,move forward to.. lost people are those with no constant.. so it is that constant, that someone or something, which we really care about that leads us back home to where we belong..

somewhere along the way, we get to know or perhaps make that constant of our own and I believe it is only once during our life, in a specific moment, on that one shiny, warm and beautiful day or during that one dark, lonely and cold night.. no matter when, but it is only once that we know we found our constant.. however, this doesn’t mean we wont get lost again, only that we wont be alone..

It does take and “simply” needs faith and complete trust and to genuinely deeply believe and believe in that constant in all and every step of the unknown, unfamiliar, lost way .. easy, isn’t it??!! yet, that should be enough

We don’t need to know where we are, or to find our way.. we just need to never ever give up because only then the way itself will eventually find us

Time is always slipping; to some, time is a friendly enemy and to others, a hostile friend.. but no matter where we are or when we are, as long as we have a constant, a reminder of who we are, we will be OK.. we will be perfect.. and it is always worth it to keep that constant!! meanwhile, enjoy the journey and let YOUR city of lights take the lead..


At 11:48 AM, Blogger Ehab said...

Well dear Majd,

Women are known to be worse than men when it comes to spatial recognition (just kidding).

But that feeling of being "Lost" you speak of I know very well , but my constant is no real constant at all , always in flux. Everywhere I go physically or mentally roots start sprouting from my being attaching it to the ground , the air , the people , animals and building . It is like losing part of your being to your environment , in a manner similar to the native American meme that a photograph imprints part of your soul on the paper.

God, it is hitting me hard right now how much I will miss Orlando , and all the nice people in it , a city that should be alien to me. This feeling of "loss" rather than being lost is overwhelming. But I am sure the roots I severe now will grow back in whatever new place life's winds take me.

But in all this , what is my variable constant you say? what is my comfort space ? whether spiritual or otherwise? My answer may be cliche , but I think its my sense of wonder and my appreciation of the beauty of this existence , always exposed and illuminated in great art and noble human accomplishment. So like Mahler said a century ago , my constant is really my "Love and my song".


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