Monday, September 19, 2005


لكل منا طريقته الخاصة في تصنيف كتبه.. عندي من الكتب الكثير
بعضه مأرشف, بعضه منسي.. بعضه فارغ و المتبقي مفتوح
تساعدني الأيام في القراءة و الكتابة و التصنيف
اكره الذكريات السوداء لذلك يساهم الخيال.. نعيد الصياغة لتبقى كل الكتب مشرقة
يتهمني البعض بالتزوير!! لكني أعلم الكتب "المحرفة" بطريقة معينة افهمها اعرفها اميزها و تنتقل هذه الكتب من بند "المفتوحة" الى بند "المحرفة المؤرشفة المنسية"
لم يترك لي سبيلا الا ان احرفه!!
فلقد تغيرت ملامحه.. بهتت, تحجر قلبه.. تصلب, إخشن صوته.. افزعني
لم اعرفه..
بدا لي وهم, بدا لي السراب..
عرفته بسيط الملامح.. جميل, دافئ القلب.. حنون, هادئ الصوت.. يريحني
لكنه تغير.. تبدل.. تشوهت الصورة
بقى الكتاب مفتوحا متروكا!
اختل النظام..
ابا قلمي طاعة الواقع.. حاول تناسي وقع الأيام
فهم قلبي منطق قلمي
اعترض عقلي
تحرك الحنين
اجتمع الجميع
صوتوا, اتفقوا
ما من حل الا الأخير
مزقت الصورة الحقيقية المخيفة لتبقى الأولى الوهمية الجميلة
طويت الصفحات.. اغلقت الكتاب
احتفظت بذكرى انسان من وحي الخيال

Friday, September 09, 2005

A Late Friday Evening

I walked in straight direct to where I found it last time.. I grabbed it, waited a couple of minutes for someone to leave so that I could sit on .. actually in!.. one of the cozy coaches instead of the wooden uncomfortable chairs.. & only then I was totally taken to the deepest and most inner caves of the hidden “me”.. he always succeeds in doing that; in taking me far away from everyone & everything around me.. “The Zahir” is another amazing, breath taking adventure.. I haven’t bought the book YET but I will, eventually.. now I am enjoying those stolen precious hours in the middle of a hectic busy crazy day when I sneak out of that cubicle space where I spend most of my week.. those are my secret private wonderful hours at “Barnes and Noble”.. I was roaming between France and Spain where the events took place.. it was so enough to cherish the moments & memories so dear & yet so abandoned..

When it was time for me to leave I marked the page, closed the book & realized the smile drawn on my face.. I do believe that only the good writer is the one who manages to create a personal intimate relation with her/his readers and that is the way it goes with Paulo Coelho.. while reading any of his books I really want to be his only fan till I finish it then & only then I would tell everyone I meet about him & about the book.

I left that beautiful place filled with different people, diverse colors & races, various tongs & languages, covering all age ranges.. I wished the three medicine students so immersed in their thick books & sophisticated discussion, the cool guy indulged in his “magazine”.. u know!! & another serious looking young man wearing his glasses on his forehead busy surfing the political dull book in his hand I wished them all a good night, stepped outside still hearing the echo of the magical music and reciting those lines which I couldn’t resist writing down:

“when I had nothing more to lose, I was given everything, when I ceased to be who I am, I found myself.. when I experienced humiliation & yet kept walking I understood that I was free to choose my destiny…”

Good night..