Sunday, September 30, 2007

for one more day

“You know, for three years after I married your father, I wished for a child….”

She exalted softly. “I couldn’t imagine a life without children. Once, I even… Wait. Let’s see.”

She guided me toward the large tree on the corner near our house.

“This was late one night, when I couldn’t sleep.” She rubbed her hand over the bark as if unearthing an old treasure. “Ah. Still there.”

I leaned in. the word PLEASE had been carved into the side. Small crooked letters. You had to look carefully, but there it was. PLEASE.

“What is it?”

“A prayer.”

“For a child?”

She nodded.

“For me?”

Another nod.

“On a tree?”

“Tress spend all day looking up at God.”

I made a face.

“I know.” She lifted her hands in surrender. “You are so corny, Mom.”

from the novel "for one more day"
by Mitch Albom

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

At the doctor’s

Appointment time: 2:15pm

Arrival time: 2:10pm

Actual time getting to see the doctor: 3:20pm!!

Doctor_ shaking hands: Hello

Me: Hi

Doctor_ putting his glasses on: how do you pronounce your name??

Me_ putting a smile on: It is Majd: M-a-j-d (typical question and typical answer!!!)

Doctor_ going through my file: so I see you are 2X years young………….


Now how could anything be possibly wrong with me after this… 2X years YOUNG not OLD!!!! ;) no wonder we go to doctors for healing SOMETIMES :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

!!مجرد تساؤلات

حرية الصحافة, حرية التعبير, حرية التفكير...
هل هي مشكلة تأّرق العالم العربي فحسب لإنعدامها أم أنها مصطلح يتوق العالم كله لتحريره من كونه مجرد فكر أو حلم و جعله حقيقة!!
هل فعلاً يوجد أي بلدٍ على الإطلاق يتبنى هذا النمط من الحياة؟؟ و هل ما هو مزمعٌ من الحرية مُسيّس بأي شكلٍ من الأشكال؟؟
و هل يمكن وجود مفهوم واحد للحرية أم أن التعريف يختلف من بلدٍ لآخر؟؟ و إن اختلف تعريف الحرية هل وَجَبَ مع ذلك اختلاف تعريف الصحافة و التعبير و الفكر أيضاً بين البلدان؟؟
و هل يجب أن يكون هناك ضوابط و حدود؟؟ و إن صّح ذلك فمن هو الذي يَصلُح أن يُخّوَل مسؤلية نص تلك القوانين؟؟

مع فارق الخلفيات و النتائج إلا أن الحَدَثان أَضحَكاني و أبكَياني في ذات الوقت

و تبقى في نهاية المطاف حريات

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

مرة أخرى

فجأة قَرَرَت الأيام أن تقسو و إن لانت فلا تدوم تعود و تستبد
فجأة قَرَرَت كل المخارج أن تُغلق و كل الطرق أن تُسَد
فجأة قَرَرَت الشمس أن تغيب و إن ظهرت بأن تحرق
فجأة قَرَرَت الورود أن تذبل و أن تُكّشر عن أشواكها
فجأة قَرَرَت السماء أن تُظلم و أن تُخفي في العتمة نجومها
فجأة قَرَرَت كل الوجوه أن تعبس و تقلع الأقنعة ليظهر قُبحها
فجأة قَرَرَت الساعات أن تتوقف و تطول بتوقفها الليالي
فجأة قَررتُ أن أحبس نفسي في سجنٍ من نسج خيالي

Saturday, September 08, 2007

A day at the ER!!

Yesterday I had one the roughest days ever SO FAR!! I was exercising and went to a kickboxing class which was great but unfortunately I hurt my back and precisely the sciatic nerve!! The pain was not humanly bearable for me.. I was on the verge of passing out numerous times not standing the pain.. I was rushed to the emergency room in the nearest hospital, it gave me some kind of relief that the pain would stop soon assuming i would be treated right away but that relief feeling was only for a short period of time since I had to wait for a minimum of THREE HOURS before anyone would see me.. I was almost unconscious for most of the 40 minutes I waited in that dreadful place then I decided it is no use waiting and wanted to leave.. I was then treated IMMEDIATELY by a wonderful MD relative whose spouse suffered some kind of sciatica as well a while ago and to whom am very grateful.. am doing a lot better now, thank God, and I know it will take me a couple of weeks to be back on my feet again kicking and boxing ;) but my short ER experience was of great frustration to me, those places would make healthy people sick let alone the already unwell.. and why on earth would be it called EMERGENCY ROOM from the first place!!! I was told that 3 hours is the minimum for patients before anyone would check them!!!!!! And yes I appreciated the medical care I would have been given if I were home where emergency means what it is and where being pampered would be legitimate and justifiable :) .. I will try to be more attentive next time to the signals I receive for life gives us warnings and it is up to us to take them seriously and act accordingly or ignore them and take responsibility of the consequences.. in short, life is always on our side, and it is on mine!!

Am still enjoying my weekend and especially with the amazing Roger Federer winning the 2007 US Open-Grand Slam Tennis- semi final game and making it for the men’s singles final tomorrow against the 20 years old talented Novak Djokovic.. and here I quote what Frederer answered when asked about tomorrow’s championship game facing Djokovic, “I was able to beat him both times in straight sets, but you know, these guys improve quickly. I felt that in Montréal. Hopefully I can beat him again this time around”

So try not to miss it tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

welcoming post

i would like to welcome a new young soul joining us in this humble space.. Sandra Reda welcome :)