Friday, June 16, 2006

when exactly??

Is it when we lose control over our life that we start to give instructions to people and most annoyingly to friends and beloved ones on how to live and what to do!!

Is it when we fail to realize our dream or more pathetically give it up that we strive to become part of other people’s dream and fight for them to reach it!!

Is it when we all of a sudden forget who we are and where we are heading that we indulge in studying and analyzing identities and steering and directing destines of those exact friends and beloved ones!!

Is it when we lose our sense of wonder that we lose it all!!

Is it when we unconsciously decide to put our concentration on hold for an undetermined period of time that we just get used to it and all seem like flicker; lips move but words escape, figures are there but features so unclear, big signs of caution are passed unnoticed and danger ahead faced ignorantly and even more disgustingly indifferently!!

Is it when we dare to admit that we don’t know what is it that we want that we start to get on track again!!

Is it when we smile to those who brought tears to our eyes and speak a word of encouragement to those who dispirited and discouraged us that we come to know the ultimate freedom!!

Is it when we priority our present that we guarantee our future!!

Is it when we fearlessly and steadily say a NO when it has to be said to precisely those whom we claim we care about that we grant them what they wish for!!

Well.. may be


At 8:56 PM, Blogger Eastern said...

having you such a friend and close sister is a great grace ...
you are so wonderful..
thanks for the support...
God bless youre soul.


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